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Sample Retreat Menu

A Look Into What Culinary Delights Await Your Guests

One of my great passions in life is food. Ever since I learned to cook in France in my early twenties, I’ve loved nothing more than preparing delicious meals for big groups of people. In recent years, I’ve delved more into nutrition and how different foods affect us – on both physical and mental levels. It’s clear that nutrition is a key element in proper training regimes. Every coach out there today will tell you that eating right will make a difference in your strength, focus, motivation and even inflammation.


Because of its crucial importance in our lives, food is a central part of the retreat center too. We focus on preparing meals that are not only healthy and nutritious, but that will also help you train at a higher level. Our caterers plan meals that help build muscle and avoid inflammation.


Get ready to enjoy delicious meals that are prepared especially with athletes in mind – high protein, plenty of carbohydrates, and low sugar. You'll be treated to wonderfully tasting dishes and healthy snacks throughout the day. We also cater to all dietary needs, including vegan, keto, carnivore and everything between. No one ever goes hungry at the House of Honey :)


To be served grazing style 

  • Zucchini pappardelle tossed in basil pesto and topped with lemon garlic chicken and toasted walnuts.

  • Red quinoa and mandarin chicken salad with wild fennel yoghurt and laoganma

  • Italian inspired spinach torte with market greens and a pear, walnut and carrot slaw


Served Grazing Style

  • Pan fried sea bass filet with root mash and Tuscan kale in a beurre blanc sauce

  • Stir fried beef, brocoli and shiitake mushrooms served over fragrant jasmine rice and topped with bean sprouts and chilis

  • Tuscan chicken orzo with sundried tomatoes, capers and Parmesan shavings


Prepped by the chefs and left for guests to enjoy at their leisure

  • High protein Greek yogurt and berry bark

  • Superfood shots

  • Seasonal smoothies

  • Homemade chocolate date & oat power bars with peanut drizzle

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