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Innovative Aerials! Discover your path to flight


Innovative Aerials! Discover your path to flight

At House of Honey, aerial safety in a nurturing environment is our top priority.

Our teachers are certified aerial teachers and we insure that our equipment is regularly checked and kept in a log so we know when it needs to be replaced.

Beginner Classes:

At the moment, we are running beginner aerial silks classes for children and adults. For an updated schedule, please see the studio calendar

Intermediate & Advanced Classes:

If you’re already an aerialist and you’re looking to strengthen your techniques, improve your strength and gain more skills in a specific area, we have the option to book private lessons with one of our top instructors. If you have a group of more than 4 we can set up a group lesson. Check out our studio calendar to see if we have any currently running


Throughout the year we run a variety of special workshops with visiting aerial teachers from around the world. Often there is a focus on a specific aspect of the apparatus, such as soft dynamics on silks. Or performance skills where we focus on choreography, building a sequence that fits your storyline, and helping with other aspects of the stage, such as costume and make-up. We also enjoy a wealth of aerial and wellness workshops that combine beginner aerials with meditation or nutrition and a nice lunch at the spa on the terrace above the studio. For our upcoming workshops, check out the studio calendar.

Open Studio:

Once a week, we open the studio for a free training session with local and international acrobats. Every Wednesday morning, we work together and help each other in the studio. It’s the best morning of the week! Whether you are just a beginner or you’ve been training for years, you are welcome to join us! Contact Meredith on the website or on IG for booking. Advanced notice is required due to space limitations.


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