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I’m Meredith,

an aerial silks teacher, choreographer and performer

The Studio

A Dream Come True

For almost a decade, ever since I started my aerial journey, I’ve been dreaming about opening my own retreat space. I wanted a safe, secure and stunning studio where I could invite top aerial teachers from around the world to come and run retreats, collaborating on showcases and performances for the local population and offering year-round classes.


The Structure

Inspired by the incredible work of honey bees who use the hexagon for their comb, my husband Reuven designed a stunning 6-sided structure that could accommodate 13 aerial points.



From a conceptual idea to an actual studio

My talented husband Reuven, who is an incredible artist, came up with the concept for the studio (I wanted a LOT of points AND beauty!) that would be affordable and possible. It was a long process to get from the sketches we made and the matchstick models. In 2021, we started clearing the land and preparing the space. Once the structural engineer finished the specs for each piece of metal, the angles, concrete requirements and necessary sizes, I consulted with a certified rigger.


Putting the parts together

In the fall of 2022, a professional welder named Hiasi flew over from Germany to weld the top and bottom of the structure together. In the spring of 2023, we completed the secondary welding with a certified Portuguese welder named Joao. Duarte, a professional sail maker, made a custom cover for the top of the structure and fitted it in June.



High-End Structure Quality

In the fall of 2023, we ran the first silks, rope and hammock aerial retreat. The underfloor heating and smooth finish was also completed in the fall of 2023 and more gorgeous additions are planned soon!

13 Points

One of A Kind Creation

The studio can hold a total of 13 points, 7 at 8.5 meters (27.5 feet) and 6 at 7 meters high (23 feet). Built for dynamic work, it is designed so that everyone can drop at once! Perfect for retreats, multi-apparatus performances, special events and classes, this stunning space also makes for incredible photographs and videos. 

Set in a lush, mature garden, the studio has a wild nature vibe that emits positive green energy from all sides.

My Story


Six weeks after my second cesarean (obligatory, not planned), I attended my first aerial silks class. I had seen aerial silks at Burning Man many years prior and always wanted to learn but could not find a class. Finally, my angel teacher appeared. Einel, a circus performer and professional instructor, was one of the first circus artists in Israel.


After a few years under her incredible tutelage, which combined technique and performance arts, I felt ready to start performing. In 2016 I did my first synchronized number with my best friend Yael at the now defunct (sadly!) Bascula club in Tel Aviv.


2017 - 2019

Since that first taste, I’ve performed and created dozens of shows. In 2017, together with Noa Cohen Shabtai I wrote and choreographed a circus show for the Midburn event with 16 performers and acrobats on an outdoor rig called ‘Midsummer Wet Dream.’ In 2019, I produced a synchronized number for Burning Man with 6 acrobats from around the world. Together with the incredible Anna Kleyner and with permission from the incredible Yael Deckelbaum, we performed to her song ‘Take Me Home’ right beneath ‘the man’ (the main wooden art piece at Burning Man that is symbolically burned at the end)



I created a special performance for the soft opening of the House of Honey studio. In October of 2023, I co-created the student showcase with Elaine Brackin and Gianluca Gentiluomo. I’m working on another show for the grand opening of the studio planned for the spring of 2024 and constantly collaborating with teachers and performers from abroad.


The hats I wear

When I’m not facilitating retreats, events and workshops, I work as both an aerial silks teacher for children and adults and a freelance writer (my second passion). Although I’ve taught for several years, I decided to take a professional course to become a certified teacher with Rain and Sarah at Paper Doll Militia, who I both recommend and admire! 


I am also a passionate foodie, amateur chef and a total nutrition nerd. I love planning delicious, nutritious meals and often work behind the scenes on the menus. When it comes to food, I personally ensure that what you’re eating on a retreat or at a workshop is of the highest quality and– as much as possible– locally grown. Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons I buy as much organic produce as I can at the Lagos farmer’s market, both to support the locals and provide the highest quality food available.    


If you’re interested in running your own retreat here, attending a class or planning a special circus-themed event, reach out! I’m available


Burning Man Show

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