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Fairy Garden Cabin

Perfect for 1 seeking ultimate privacy (in some cases teachers like this best), this charming one bedroom cabin is set in a lush, private garden just next door to the studio (1 min walk). 

With no other accommodation nearby, this lodging offers the greatest level of privacy and serenity. If 2 people share the double bed, it is possible to sleep 2 participants here.

This beautiful little gem also has its own kitchenette where you can prepare breakfast and simple meals. 

The wifi is fast and reliable and the living room has a comfortable dining area and couch.

Ideal for teachers who would like some space from their students or those students who would like extra privacy. It is a great secondary accommodation for those who have larger retreats and need a little extra space but not large enough to fill the bigger villa options.

This Facility Includes:

  • 1 Bedroom with ensuite bathroom and double bed

  • Fully equipped kitchenette

  • Cosy living room

  • Private garden

  • 1 min walk to the studio

Fairy Garden Cabin

Fairy Garden Cabin

Fairy Garden Cabin

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