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Emerald Valley Apartments

Overlooking a lush green valley, each of these one bedroom apartments is modern, spacious, and immaculately clean. 

All of them have fully equipped kitchens, a private bathroom and a sofa bed that sleeps up to 2 extra guests. With great wifi and comfortable living rooms, they are a great choice for anyone who needs to work while they’re on retreat or for those who’d like extra privacy and space.  

A great way to add numbers to your retreat without the expense of an entire extra villa, they are set in a peaceful location just around the corner from the studio (5 min walk).

Each apartment differs slightly in price. Some have outdoor garden terraces and others have higher penthouse views of the Monchique mountains.

Ideal for 1 or 2 people, they can sleep up to 4 if they share double beds for a more budget-friendly option.

This Facility Includes:

Number of People:

Up to 20

* If you rent all 5 (limited availability so advanced booking is highly recommended!) 

Number of Apartments:

5 (one bedroom apartments)

* Up to 4 guests in each apartment, 2 if each one has their own bed

Grassy Knoll Private Apartments

Grassy Knoll Private Apartments

Grassy Knoll Private Apartments

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