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Casa Monte Cristo Tres

Perfect for larger retreats seeking high-end, luxurious accommodation, this stunning, modern villa offers pristine furnishings, sea views from the private pool, a large dining area and spacious rooms filled with light. Enjoy sumptuous luxury on every front – high-end linens and towels, beautiful finishings and attention to every detail.

This villa is 300 meters from the studio and comes fully equipped with everything you need to either do your own cooking or enjoy our gorgeous local catering. Not available during July and August. For quotes throughout the rest of the year, contact me. 

This Facility Includes:

Number of People: Up to 14

Number of Bedrooms: 6

Number of Bathrooms: 5

Ground Floor of Villa:

4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

2 double beds, 2 bedrooms with twin beds

Upstairs in Villa :

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

1 double bed, 1 room with twin beds


1 bedroom with double bed, 1 bathroom: 2 guests


Recommended months are November and March for the most affordable prices. It is possible, however, to rent during other months but it is more expensive and has less availability. 

Recommended bookings are one year in advance to secure your place here.

Ground floor of villa:

4 bedrooms

4 bathrooms

2 double beds

2 bedrooms with twin beds

Upstairs in villa: 

2 bedrooms

1 bathroom

1 double bed

1 room with twin beds

Bedroom with twin beds

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